Stickball Photoshoot

Stickball Photoshoot

Images featuring Varsity Tee in White & Work Pants in Kendal Green 
For the photoshoot for the new products, the inspiration came from the street sport, Stickball. Stickball is an old-school New York based sport in the 80s and 90s. The location for the photoshoot was Redhook, Brooklyn. This neighborhood has an old, industrial aesthetic that is falling apart piece-by-piece. Since stickball is an old-fashioned version of baseball, it would best connect near the old warehouses and industrial sites of Redhook. The area showcases the nitty-gritty, older side of New York, to connect back with the old-school sports.

Image of Industrial Scaffolding in Redhook
This sport became the inspiration behind the clothing featured in the photoshoot. In the photos, there are a variety of pieces.  There are a variety of Logo Varsity Tees and Logo Work Pants. There are also multiple colors for the varsity tees with the embroidered patch logo. This element also featured on the Hoodies and Crewnecks. Within the photoshoot, there are elements besides the clothes, that show the inspiration of the shoot. The black and white filter makes it look more old school and reflects the photos of young kids playing stickball. Also shooting in an industrial area helps convey the story of the more urban environment and street style that comes along with it. 


Image of Black Varsity Hoodie

Image of Varsity Logo Sweatshirt in Grey 
Photographer: @ben_pg

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