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 Ralph Morse for LIFE Magazine (1947)

Stickball. This old-school version of baseball has been popular in the 80s and 90s, in New York City. Stickball is similar to baseball and has the same rules, but different equipment. In Stickball, a broomstick is usually used as a bat, and any rubber ball replaces the baseball. This game had become the inspiration for Boys of New York’s next photoshoot and products. The idea was to pay homage to old school New York and the fads that came along with it. 

 Ralph Morse for LIFE Magazine (1947)

Little Italy, NY by Leonard Freed (1954-1955) 

The shoot emphasized how stickball was popular with young boys. It was played anywhere the kids could run around. The rules, like the bases, still applied. The players would find an empty area in the city, and use random objects as bases. This street version of baseball was always played in industrial areas, which is shown in the photoshoot for the brand. The idea behind using Stickball as the theme for the shoot highlights old school New York City and brings industrial elements to garments behind produced. 

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