#TBT- Stephen Shames, Bronx Boys + Guardian Angels

#TBT- Stephen Shames, Bronx Boys + Guardian Angels

All photos by Stephen Shames

"I use my photography to explore the world and to learn things. One of my photograph goals is to give a voice to those who are ignored and forgotten." - Stephen Shames

For today's #tbt, we're headed back to '80s Bronx as seen through the lens of Stephen Shames.  He spent 23 years documenting life in borough with a goal of raising awareness of social issues affecting urban youth in poverty.

In addition, Shames is known for his photo series of the Guardian Angels, an anti-crime vigilante group that came to prominence in the '80s (and is still in operation today). As part of their ethos, the Angels believed in patrolling the streets unarmed and instead trained youth members in martial arts as a means of self defense. 

Scroll through for some of our favorite selections from Shames' photobook Bronx Boys as well as his photojournalistic images from a November 1980 New York Magazine issue.

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